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By and for people from here...

Published on 19 / 11 / 2018

Times are tough and the economy isn’t getting any better, let’s be honest. Small businesses in every sector are feeling the crunch. In the age of Walmart, Ikea, Dollorama, Costco, and other impersonal, big-box brands, the very existence of local small businesses is at risk. Where have our values gone? For that matter, what are our values? And where is our economy headed guided by such values? What type of businesses do we want in our society?

What’s the answer? How does one survive this perpetual crisis? Buying local and encouraging local business owners is, in my opinion, one of the most important actions we can take. Yes, in some cases (but not always), we probably pay a little more, but in the end, it’s for truly superior quality and durability. Let’s make purchases that ensure, as much as possible, that our money stays in Quebec and has a positive impact here at home, instead of just making multinationals richer. Let’s enjoy drinking from a cup made by someone in our neighborhood, eating bread from the corner baker, wearing jewelry made by our own jeweler, buying meat from the local butcher, and shopping for gifts of all sorts in local boutiques and galleries. Let support “made by hand” and “made in Quebec.” Let’s support passion. Let’s support artisans. Let’s keep them from disappearing. Let’s get to know the person who made our products by name. Let’s support the talent and courage of these people so that they don’t despair of discouragement.

To avoid the harsh fate that too many local businesses have already met, let’s stimulate the economy here at home, so we can stop saying “Ah! Your store is closing? What a shame!” Acting in solidarity, we all stand to benefit. Let’s be proud of those who have the courage to start a business in these difficult times. Buying is voting. Let’s do so in good conscience.