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Project: Hour of Glory 

Maudit Calvaire
« Deux-Montagnes »
Silver, colorless topaz, Mexican opal, lapis-lazuli.


Grand Manitou
« Laurentides »
Silver, rock, pearl, titanium


« Argenteuil »
Silver,rock, saphir, tourmaline.


Nature morte 

« Thérèse-de-Blainville »

Silver, rock



Mutation marine
« Rivière-du-Nord »
Silver, rock, iolite


Rouille aquatique
« Antoine-Labelle »

Silver, rock, garnet, titanium


Expropriation, Mirabel 1969
« Mirabel »
Silver, rock, titanium, citrine, 14K gold.


Train du nord
« Pays d’en Haut »
Silver, rock, titanium



                                      Maudit calvaire

MRC Deux-Montagnes

The rock was picked up at the Calvaire d'Oka 

Materials: Silver, rock, colorless topaz, Mexican opal, lapis-lazuli

This brooch is a representation, in the form of a cross, of the 7 chapels built on the hills of Oka to mark certain stations of the Way of the Cross.

Influence of religions.



                                          Grand Manitou 

MRC Laurentides

The rock was picked up at the summit of Mont Tremblant.

Materials: Silver, rock, pearl, titanium

Grand Manitou is the name given by the Amerindians to Mont-Tremblant. This brooch is a representation of an Indian chief's headdress on a mountain with ski slopes.

Influence of tourism.



MRC Argenteuil

The rock was picked up along the Rivière-du-Nord in Lachute.

Materials: Silver, rock, saphir, tourmaline

This brooch is a representation of a wave recalling the importance of our water bodies in the economic development of the region (textile, paper, transportation, mills).

Influence of economy.


                                            Nature morte   

MRC Thérèse-de-Blainville

The rock was  picked up in an urban woodland in Ste- Thérèse.

Materials: Silver, rock

This brooch conveys the idea of the disappearance of nature by the representation of a fish skeleton. It reminds us of the rapid development of the suburbs to the detriment of green spaces.

Influence of suburban development.


                                          Mutation marine

MRC Rivière-du-Nord

The rock was picked up at the bottom of lake L'Achigan in St-Hyppolite

Materials: Silver, rock, iolite

This brooch is the representation of a futuristic underwater insect that protects itself from pollution with a diving suit, to evoke the disintegration of aquatic life.

Influence of pollution.


                                          Rouille aquatique 

    MRC Antoine-Labelle

The rock was picked up along the Rivière Rouge

Materials: Silver, rock, garnet, titanium

This brooch represents a tadpole under the effect of the iron oxide which gives the Rivière Rouge its coloring.

Influence of minerals.


                       Expropriation, Mirabel 1969

MRC Mirabel

The rock was picked up along Sentier Art 3, in Bois de Belle-Rivière, Mirabel

Materials: Silver, rock, titanium, citrine, 14K gold

This brooch represents a plow and the aerial view of the expropriated land in Mirabel.

Influence of politics.


                                          Train du nord

MRC Pays-d'en-Haut

The rock was picked up along the old railroad in Ste-Adèle.

Materials: Silver, rock, titanium

This brooch represents a railroad to recall the one that contributed to the development of the Laurentians.

The rock evokes the coal that was required to power the locomotive.

Influence of rail transport.

If we consider the evolution of rocks from the Precambrian Era to their metamorphic transformation, the stones that surround us are far from being vulgar pebbles. They are witnesses of the geomorphologic evolution of our beautiful landscapes and they deserve our admiration and interest. That is why I wanted to create a collection of modern brooches featuring rocks.

For a jeweler, working with a raw element such as a rock and smooth, polished matters with a defined form (metal) is an interesting challenge. During this project, I chose to make abstraction of organized and perfect forms, as well as symmetry, to be inspired by the irregularities and imperfections of the rock. In doing so, the pebble is enhanced, brought into focus and it now has the possibility of being complimented. I used metals of relative value to complement and ennoble simple rocks. 

It is definitely its hour of glory!

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