14 carat yellow or ring, Amethyst and Topaz

Sku: PU063

14 carat yellow or ring, Amethyst and Topaz

Sku: PU063
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Original ring in 14k yellow gold set with a beautiful triangular Amethyst and a round sky blue Topaz.

Beautiful jewel with a contemporary style!

Size 6

A perfect jewel to mark a special occasion: an anniversary, an engagement, a wedding or Mother's Day.

* This jewel can be custom made in gold (yellow, white, pink) or platinum. The price will vary according to the material used.  You can also choose the quality and size of the diamonds. We can also install any other precious or semi-precious stone of your choice in order to personalize it.Contact us 450-818-0119 to receive an estimate.


Amethyst is the violet variety of crystalline quartz. Its dark purple to light purple color is due to the presence of iron (Fe) as a trace element; the color is often distributed in lighter or darker areas, especially in natural amethysts. It is the birthstone of February.

This fine stone (sometimes called semi-precious) is undoubtedly the most popular quartz. Amethyst once competed with the finest gemstones, but became affordable in the early 19th century when large deposits were discovered in Brazil. Today, it is as popular with major jewelry houses as it is with smaller jewelry manufacturers. The main producers of amethyst are Uruguay and Brazil, but it is also found in many other countries such as Bolivia, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Amethyst can be heated to produce the yellow color, citrine, or the green color, prasiolite.


Topaz is a fine stone (sometimes called semi-precious) that comes in an impressive variety of colors such as red, orange, yellow, brown, blue and colorless, some colors being much more valuable than others.

The most sought-after topazes are red to pinkish orange, called imperial topaz. Their color is due to chromium (Cr), present as an impurity in the chemical composition of the stone. Their price is much higher than other topaz colors, especially blue topaz.

Topaz is very popular with both jewelers and the general public. Not only does it have a hardness high enough to be set in rings or bracelets, but it also has a stability and strength that allows it to remain beautiful over time. Blue topaz can be very affordable, much to the delight of stone lovers.

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