18 k gold ring, 2 tones and garnet

Sku: PU006
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18 k gold ring, 2 tones and garnet

Sku: PU006
In stock
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18 karat yellow and white gold ring with triangular geometrical designs set with a red garnet of trillion shape of 11mm.

Size 7 3/4

An ideal jewel to mark a special occasion: an anniversary, an engagement, a wedding or Mother's Day.

* This jewel can be custom made in gold (yellow, white, pink) or platinum. The price will vary according to the material used.  You can also choose the quality and size of the diamonds. We can also install any other precious or semi-precious stone of your choice in order to personalize it.Contact us 450-818-0119 to receive an estimate.


Garnet is a fine stone (sometimes called semi-precious) that is part of an isomorphic series divided into two sub-series: the aluminum series and the calcium series.

Therefore, all garnets have the same crystal structure but some of their constituent chemical elements vary, so they have similar physical properties but may be slightly different.

Most people are familiar with pyrope garnet and almandine garnet which are red in color. Few people know that garnet can be forest green (tsavorite garnet), green to yellow-green (demantoid garnet), bright orange (spessartite or "tangerine" garnet), brownish orange (hessonite garnet), pink, purple, yellow, and much more!

Text; Bénédicte Lavoie (FGA)


** The time frame for unique pieces will be evaluated according to the project.


*** The product may differ from the picture depending on the chosen material.

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