Band in 14 carat white and sapphire

Sku: PU054

Band in 14 carat white and sapphire

Sku: PU054
$CAD 1920.00
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14 karat gold band with a 5mm round sapphire. This asymmetrical ring has a squared texture obtained by printing with a rolling mill.

Size 6 1/2.

A perfect jewel to mark a special occasion: an anniversary, an engagement, a wedding.

* This jewel can be custom made in gold (yellow, white, pink) or platinum. The price will vary according to the material used.  You can also choose the quality and size of the diamonds. We can also install any other precious or semi-precious stone of your choice in order to personalize it.


Sapphire is one of the four great gemstones: diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby. It belongs to the large family of corundum which also includes ruby and fancy colored sapphires.

All corundum has the same chemical composition and crystal system, however a very small amount of "trace elements" is responsible for the color. Thus sapphire, when it is blue, owes its rich color to iron or iron combined with titanium. It is the absorption of light from these elements that produces the color we perceive.

Sapphire is one of the most widely used stones in jewelry. Its hardness, stability and toughness make it an extremely popular gem for jewelers. Blue has long been the most popular color in the world of colored stones.

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