Pink Sapphire Ring

Sku: PU013
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Pink Sapphire Ring

Sku: PU013
In stock
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Contemporary 14K white gold ring with a 3.5 mm pink sapphire set in 18K yellow gold.

Size shown: 7 1/2

The ideal ring to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, an engagement, a union, a wedding or even Mother's Day.

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Sapphire, fine gemstone that belongs to the large corundum species.

Sapphire, along with ruby, emerald, and diamond has always been one of the most important precious gemstones. Sapphire is a variety of the corundum gem species whose members also include ruby and fancy coloured sapphires.

Many people don’t know that sapphire comes in all the colours of the rainbow.

All members of the corundum species share a common chemical composition and crystal structure while trace amounts of different chemical elements are responsible for the various colours of the different varieties.  Sapphire, when blue, is coloured by small amounts of iron (Fe) or a combination of iron and titanium (Ti). These elements absorb portions of the visible light spectrum producing the blue colour we perceive.


All shades of blue corundum are referred to as simply sapphire and red corundum is called ruby. All other colours are considered fancy coloured sapphires and are named for their particular hues for example: pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, green sapphire etc. The most sought after fancy coloured sapphire is the orangey pink variety known as Padparadscha, which means ‘lotus flower’ in Sinhalese.