18 carat yellow and Tahiti pearl earrings


18 carat yellow and Tahiti pearl earrings

$CAD 2500.00
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Unique geometrical earrings in 18k yellow gold with two 10mm Tahiti pearls.

These earrings can be in white gold, pink gold or silver. It is also possible to add white pearls.

A perfect jewel to mark a special occasion: an anniversary, an engagement, a wedding or Mother's Day.

Tahiti pearl

Also known as black pearls, Tahiti pearls come in a wide variety of natural colors, ranging from very light gray (sometimes even white) to very dark gray and a wide variety of colored reflections: green, golden, copper, bluish, pink or purplish.  These pearls come from the Pinctada margaritifera oyster and, as its name indicates, are found mainly in French Polynesia. They are usually found between 8 and 18mm, but more frequently between 9 and 11mm.  Although we are now seeing Tahiti pearls between 6 and 8mm on the market, these sizes are still rare and marginal.

* This jewelry can be custom made in gold (yellow, white, pink) or platinum. The price will then vary according to the material used.  You can also choose the quality and size of the diamonds. We can also set any other precious or semi-precious stone of your choice to personalize it. Contact us 450-818-0119 to receive an estimate.


** The time frame for unique pieces will be evaluated according to the project.


*** The product may differ from the picture depending on the chosen material.